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  • The next meeting is Thursday August 11th 2022 (Look for email from Mark on status of meeting) at the Silver Gate Yacht Club at 7:30.  Please look for an email confirming the meeting before driving to SGYC.  Dinner information will be provided in advance.
  • The next race is August 13th The Windjammer Race  


  • The next raft-up for is on August 12th, 13th and 14th at La Playa.  An email has been sent this week to gather attendees and food requirements. 
  • Remember a reservation is required.



  • The Bridge for 2022 is as follows:
  • Commodore - Mark Burrows
  • Vice Commodore - Mick Laver
  • Treasurer - Don Mumby
  • Race Chair - Rich Chambers
  • Cruise Director - Brian Yates
  • Membership - Rich Chambers
  • Measurer - Cleve Hardaker
  • Program Director - Mark Burrows
  • Raffles - Sherrie Laver

  • Links to web sites
  • Catalina Yachts - Click Here
  • Catalina 545 - Click Here
  • The Boat Galley - Click Here
  • Catalina Direct - Click Here
  • Port of San Diego Anchorage Reservations - Click Here
  • Boat US - Click Here
  • National Data Buoy Center - Click Here


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Events Calendar
2022 Cruising Calendar




Here is the cruising schedule for 2022.  Remember reservations can be made a year in advance so make your raft-up reservations before all the spots are gone.


Feb 11, 2022  - La Playa (reservation required) - Mexican Theme

April 22, 2022 - Glorietta Bay (reservation required) - Italian

June 3, 2022 -  Mission Bay  (No reservation Required)- American

July 2022  - Catalina Rendezvous

August 12, 2022 - La Playa - Cookout

October 28, 2022 - Glorietta Bay (reservation required)  Potluck



SDCatA RacingSDCatA 2022 Racing Schedule

Jan - 15th Frostbite Race
                       Feb -  19th- Presidents Day Race
                       March - 12th - St. Patrick's Day Race

                       April -19th - Jane Swett Regatta
                       May - 14th  - Galleon Race
                       June - 11th -  Clipper Race
                       July - 16th  - Commodores Race

August - 13th  - Windjammer Race
                       September - 17th - Privateer Race
                       October -15th  - Man O' War Race
                       November - 12th  - Turkey Day Race
                       December - No Race

Rules and miscellaneous racing documentation will be sent out by the race chair in advance of the race so you will always have the latest updates.
Emergency Contacts Maritime Emergency Contacts. Anyone causing, observing or discovering an emergency situation, Call Immediately. Note police, medical, fire and other emergency services can be reached at 911.

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