About Us

To all ye members and prospective members,


 The San Diego Chapter of the Catalina Association welcomes you.  

 We are an organization dedicated to supporting Catalina Owners and Crew with years of experience and expertise in racing, cruising, navigation, seamanship, maintenance and general operation of these wonderful sailing yachts.   

 Our calendar is filled with great sailing and social opportunities.

We sponsor eleven SDCatA races and many of our members also compete in other local and regional racing events.  Our cruise committee coordinates five great weekend raft ups in San Diego and Mission Bay, and the Annual Catalina Rendezvous in Two Harbors, Catalina Island.  This event is always well attended by our members.

 Each month, we hold a meeting for members and guests at the beautiful Silver Gate Yacht Club.  The meetings consist of program presentations by professional Guest Speakers, Committee Chair reports, General Business, and Fun Raffles.  Arrive early for our friendly social hour and enjoy dinner and drinks from Silver Gate’s excellent daily menu.  

 We wrap up and celebrate the year’s activities with our popular Annual Christmas Holiday Party.

   Please come and join us.  We hope you will enjoy the many activities we offer.  Your participation and camaraderie are the cornerstones of this great Chapter of  The San Diego Catalina Association.

 Welcome Aboard,


Mark Burrows - Commodore

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10 Reasons To Join

1. Knowledge Exchange - Plus Quarterly Catalina Mainsheet magazine Share the knowledge you've gained from your sailing experiences with other owners and learn from them as well. Got to www.mainsheet.net for more on Catalina's own Magazine with Stories, individual Tech Notes and other valuable information.

2. Clout With Factory - The Catalina factory and local dealers are available to assist our members in technical advice and factory upgrades.

3.Tips on Catalina's - At all of our cruising events you are invited to board other Catalina's and see how owners have retrofitted their boats to accommodate their needs.

4. Regular Meetings with Speakers - Meet guest speakers who are experts in fields of boating such as cruisers, riggers, sail makers, mechanics, marine surveyors, etc, most of whom are well versed in Catalina's.

5. Social Events - Meetings are proceeded by a board meeting at the Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma. Visitors are welcome to join us with a social hour before the guest speaker. Additionally our group schedules local social events such as plays, concerts and more. more.

6. Group Discounts - As a Fleet, we have been able to receive product discounts for items bought in quantity.

7. Flotilla Cruises - Regularly scheduled Day Sails, Raft Ups and Coastal Cruising, including places like Mission Bay, Coronado Cays, Glorietta Bay, La Playa and Catalina and Coronado Island.

8. Local Catalina Races - Be part of the our handicapped All Catalina class in local races. (5 one design boats qualify for their own start)

9. Protection Of Investment - Having an active owners association encourages greater resale value and a higher public and vendor awareness of Catalina's.

10. Internet Discussion Group - Each Catalina Fleet conducts an Internet discussion group and a comprehensive web site including: Roster, Calendar, Origin of Boat Names, Newsletters, History, Pictures.

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